Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetables Distributors "FRUIT UNION"     Słomczyn 80, 05-600 Grójec

Our Company deals with the production, purchase and distribution of fresh fruits.

The Company Sun-Sad Sp. z o.o. relies on a production group that has the same name and associates 27 fruit farmers. We are one of the greatest production groups in Poland. Joint acreage of our shareholders amounts to approximately 600 ha while the production potential amounts to 25 thousand tons of fruits annually. We mainly produce apples (90%), pears 5%, cherries and sour cherries (3%) as well as plums (2%). The group has at its disposal storehouses for 20 thousand tons, out of which cooling chambers with ULO conditions constitute 80% of the storage base. We have a distribution centre with a floor area of 10 000 m2, equipped with professional machines for grading and packaging fruits, operating cold stores, ULO cold stores for 4 thousand tons as well as loading docks.

We have the following certificates: Global GAP, IPO and BRC.

We export the majority of our fruits to the countries of the eastern and western Europe but also to Scandinavia. We also cooperate with domestic hypermarket and supermarket networks as well as with numerous wholesale companies and retail points of sale. Sun-Sad Sp z o.o. is made up of producers solely so that during the entire season a well-stored goods of the highest quality, packed in agreement with the world standards could be delivered. Thanks to passing over middlemen, we are able to lower production costs and improve the attractiveness of our offer. In the offer of our group there are many varieties of apples, pears, plums and cherries. Fruit farmers – members of the Company produce about 20 varieties of apples, mainly ‘Gala Must’, Royal Gala, red sports of Jonagold (Jonagored, Jonica, Decosta, Red Jonaprince),‘Sampion’, ‘Idared’, ‘Gloster’, ‘Golden Delicious Reinders’, ‘Ligol’, ‘Elise’.

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Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetables Distributors

Słomczyn 80
05-600 Grójec

Registration data:
KRS: 0000371538
REGON: 142702485
NIP: 797 203 4964

Paulina Kopeć
Phone:  +48 22 295 01 61
Mobile: 696 859 993

Piotr Janota


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